Posted by: Kate | May 25, 2009

Standing Tall in the Spring Garden

One of the familiar faces in my spring garden are Columbines, otherwise known as Aquilegia.


These fabulous spring flowers are free-seeding, as long as you let the flowers die on the stem. I leave them until they are dried then when I cut them down I shake them over the bed. Seems to be working so far, as there is no shortage of seedlings coming up!


There are many, many cultivars of Columbine, allowing for a great show. I have tried taking seed from some more coloured varieties, but so far have not seen flowers from them. There are native Aquilegia through-out much of North America, and they grow in most conditions.


A perfect, perky addition to the spring garden.


  1. Oooh, I love columbines! If you have some seedlings to spare, throw ’em my way – I don’t have a single columbine.

  2. They’re so pertiful :)
    I have so many of them….you should check them out and see if I have any that you don’t for when they go to seed ;)

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