Posted by: Kate | May 14, 2009

Work It

With spring comes the inevitable yard work. Some of you may recall that at the end of the summer we fixed up our corner slope. This spring we are continuing along the side, but with soil and eventually grass. We began by having 8 yards of soil delivered to the house on Mother’s Day.

Bush Boy had already made an agreement with us to work off some money he borrowed, and let me tell you he worked hard! We had to shovel a lot of soil (poor quality and heavy, it turned out, but we will move on from that disappointment) and then rake it out, as we are trying to even out a lot of bumps and holes. There used to be a sand pile here where Bush Boy played with his trucks when he was younger, and there were also some scrubby trees that needed to be chopped out. So moving the soil around was not that easy, and Bush Boy did his fair share of pushing the wheelbarrow, as well as filling it up for me (and for dad when he got home).

boy with shovel

We have made good progress, and I think may even get the grass seed down tonight, in time for some showers over the week-end.


Putting up posts (and then string) to keep people and animals off.

Putting up posts (and then string) to keep people and animals off.


Looks better already!

Looks better already!



  1. Such a feeling of accomplishment when these kinds of tasks are complete :)

  2. We’ve been doing a lot of landscaping yard work too–hard work but so satisfying at the end of the day. It’s cool to see the smile on Bush Boy’s face as he shovels dirt. I have so many fond memories of helping my dad with that kind of work growing up. I dare say it gave me the work ethics I have today!

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