Posted by: Kate | May 8, 2009

Friday Quote

“…. The peak was upthrust 
Like a fist in a frozen ocean of rock that swirled
Into valleys the moon could be rolled into ….
….. Now I only remember
The long ascent of the lonely valley, the live
Pine spirally scarred by lightning, the slicing pipe
Of invisible pika, and great prints, by the lowest
Snow, of grizzly. There it was too that David
Taught me to read the scroll of coral in limestone
And the beetle-seal in the shale of ghostly trilobites,
Letters dedicated to man from the Cambrian waves.”


-from the poem “David” by Earl Birney, quoted in “Where Terranes Collide” by CJ Yorath


The imagery, the language, the sense of wonder and the peacefulness all move me. 





  1. Wow, that’s lovely.

    Poetry forces me to slow down my reading. I’m usually trying to gulp down books–there are so many to read!–but poetry just can’t be gulped.

  2. Beautiful writing! I so look forward to your Friday quotes–it’s one of the highlights of the week! You find such gems!

  3. Earl Birney…….I have a love/hate for Earl Birney. I love his writing but in my Canadian Lit course at University had to write about the man himself. That was the most difficult paper I wrote during my 4 years at UBC. Don’t know why but that paper haunted me. The upside of it was that I got to know my prof. Hilda Thomas really, really well!

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