Posted by: Kate | May 5, 2009

Educate Yourself, Then VOTE

Next week is our provincial elections. We have had the same party in power with the same premier for eight years now (and if the polls are any indication this will continue for another four years). Our system is such that they have not represented even 50% of the population of our province, yet have dominated our legislature (first past the post election system).

This election has a number of important issues around it. First is our economy, and how we feel it can best weather this recession. Second, our health and education systems are under intense financial pressure right now, and there have to be some serious discussions about how to best move forward in these two areas. Third, there is a voting reform question on the ballot, and it will allow the people of B.C. to make a decision on the shape and look of future legislative bodies.

I won’t tell you where I stand on these issues, as I try to stay out of political discussions with strangers. (I’m right, you’re right, and we end up angry and annoyed and self-righteous. I don’t want to be PAC president for the same reason.) However, this election is important. I do ask that you take the time to learn about the issues, to ask questions of your local candidates (or at least listen carefully to the answers to other questions), and to learn about the STV proposal (this proposal came about after a lengthy citizens’ assembly process, so it deserves your attention whether you vote yes or no). Lastly, on May 12th, go vote.



  1. Our local elections were today. I was voter 225. Hooray for democracy!

  2. No matter where you live, PLEASE vote. Do some research, be informed, vote. On the list of Top Ten Things I Can Do To Make A Difference, this is right up there.

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