Posted by: Kate | May 4, 2009

Know Your Land …

Anyone here a fan of Mantracker, the Canadian wilderness show? My son is. A very big fan. And let me tell you, every time he roots for Mantracker to win. 

So, if you are a fan of the show and of the Mantracker (Terry Grant) himself, what can you do to be a little more like him? Especially if you are a Bush Boy already?


You can call me Mantracker, Jr.

You can call me Mantracker, Jr.

Bush Boy saved money for three months to buy this Australian Outback hat, the closest he could find to the hat Mantracker wears. He didn’t regret for one minute parting with all that hard-earned money when it came time to pay for the hat, and he has barely taken it off since.

(This show does contain language I wouldn’t usually let my son listen to. He gets annoyed with the language, and never tries to emulate it. His fascination is strictly with the tracking ability of the star.)


  1. My husband loves that show.

  2. I dont know the show, but I think the outback hats are called Akubras. V similar to the one your son is wearing. The guys in the outback dont take theirs off either!

  3. Bush Boy, you look fabulous!

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