Posted by: Kate | April 30, 2009

Hand-me-downs? Hand ’em Over!

When we were expecting our son, a friend of mine from work asked if I wanted his daughter’s newborn things. I, of course, said sure. Along came a crib, a bassinet, bedding and clothes. Wonderful items, mostly pink and green. When we had a son, did we get rid of all the items? Nope. Our son slept in pink pajamas on pink sheets, and wore little green sweaters. 

As he has grown, we have been so fortunate to have a steady stream of hand-me-downs. Whether it be a car seat, clothes or toys, we have always been happy to accept other people’s outgrown items. A few things have been too worn out, or haven’t fitted, but most of the time we are lucky. As Bush Boy has always been petite for his age, hand-me-downs that are a little shrunk and worn-in have been a big help in combating the problem of fit.

This week he got perhaps the best hand-me-down ever. An older boy and his mother, who live a few doors over, knocked at the door this week-end. Would Bush Boy like the boy’s old bike and helmet? The bike is in great shape, and is the next size up that Bush Boy is just ready for. The helmet is better than the one he was wearing, and fits perfectly. Bush Boy can barely stand to go to school, as he would rather be riding that bike!

We also received two bags of clothes from another older boy this week-end, whose mom regularly drops off clothes. In it were some basketball shorts and a pair of swim trunks that fit him now and that he loves (the rest of it will have to wait a year or two). Bush Boy said to me the next day, “We are so lucky to get hand-me-downs. Then you don’t have to spend all your money on clothes for me. And we are re-using so they don’t just throw the clothes away. These clothes are really good!”

You have hand-me-downs, you bring them on over. We’re happy to take them off your hands.



  1. I’m SO GLAD he wore the pink stuff as a baby. It drives me crazy the way people gender-segregate colour.

    We love hand-me-downs too. Sadly we never get any for my older daughter, but the younger one makes out like a bandit.

  2. I am always the one looking for a home for hand-me-downs… I have a friend who’s kids are almost a bit young to receive my kids clothes but none the less they love seeing us pull into their driveway and unload a garbage bag for each of the kids…. I will even label the bags with each kids name just so that they can really get the gist of what is coming their way :)

    When we have gotten hand me downs for the kids I always enjoy seeing how happy they are to add to their stash of clothes ;)

  3. Are you sure we aren’ttwins who were spereated at birth? I *love* hand-me-downs and my son also wore pink jammies as an infant. I have tubs in the basement where I sort things by child and size. As they grow I just open up the next tub, and then hand down the items that no longer fit. My three year-old daughter even says things like, “Dat’s too small. Can G have it now?” It makes me smile every time.

  4. As one of 8 children myself I grew up in hand me downs. As my brother used to say “We grew up thinking hand me down was a brand name.” I was the first girl after 5 boys so I was definitely not dressed in pinks and bows. My kids wore hand me downs and we passed everything on to friends with kids just younger than ours. I think it’s a wonderful way of keeping that idea that it takes a village to raise a child alive.

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