Posted by: Kate | April 17, 2009

Friday Quote

The point of going somewhere like the Napo River in Ecuador is not to see the most spectacular anything. It is simply to see what is there.  We are here on the planet only once, and might as well get a feel for the place.

-Annie Dillard “Teaching a Stone to Talk”

I like the idea of traveling not because we have a checklist of things to see, but because we are excited to see anything.



  1. I’ve realized over the years that the best moments in traveling are usually the unplanned ones. The memories that come back again and again are things like a particularly silly grocery shopping trip while at a cabin up north, or watching snow fall while at an indoor water park in Wisconsin, or watching people hurry by on a rainy Friday afternoon in NYC while hubby and I were enjoying caviar and vodka. You can’t plan those moments. They just happen. All you can do is be open to them.

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