Posted by: Kate | April 14, 2009

More Meat Options

Many people around this area are hunters, or know people who are hunters. In my freezer are some moose steaks, and we have already enjoyed the moose sausages that were in the same package. They came from a friend at my husband’s work. Hunting is a viable meat option in this area, as we are surrounded by wilderness and have hunting areas readily available (with good restrictions and regulations, I might add). I personally have no problem with hunting for meat as an alternative to buying my meat at the grocery store. (Please note, I am only talking about meat hunting, not trophy hunting, or hunting for body parts, etc.) 

Being on the ocean and surrounded by lakes and rivers, fishing is another means to getting meat into our meals. For the small price of a fishing license, and some gear and patience, you can be rewarded with fish for dinner. We are fans of the local trout, in fact Mr. Kate caught two last week!

If hunting is not an option, there are now farming operations that focus on venison and bison. We have both in our agricultural area. The local venison farm, Seaview Game Farm, raises fallow deer for food consumption. We buy from them regularly, after trying their sausage at our local farmer’s market. The trip to the farm is a fun afternoon, and well worth the visit. We also have local bison, at Island Bison, again in our local area. We buy their product at the local farmer’s markets in our town and the town south of us. We really enjoy the steaks in particular, and because the meat is so lean it doesn’t take a lot to fill you up.

I realize how fortunate we are to live in such an agriculturally-rich area, and also to have the wilderness area available for hunting. With the resources economy hurting so much on our island, hunting and fishing provide an excellent source of meat to many families. Having the ability to buy game meat farmed if we chose is a great perk, as not many grocery stores in smaller areas carry the game meats regularly.



  1. How do you find the pricing of these alternative meats?

  2. Depends what meat you buy now. Both the venison and bison are a little more pricey than basic store cuts. Although, the bison is so lean that you really require much smaller amounts of meat, so it evens out. The venison sausages are priced equivalent to high end sausages.

  3. One nearby grocery store sells farm-raised bison. It runs a little more than beef, but the fat content is so much lower. They also sell ostrich, but I haven’t found out where they get it yet.

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