Posted by: Kate | April 9, 2009

Finally, It’s Time!

This week the forsythia finally bloomed!


spring time yellow

spring time yellow

Of course, that can only mean one thing out here on the west coast … planting time! The boy and I finished weeding two of the beds, added compost and then got down to the important job of planting the first seeds of the season.


snap peas, sugar peas and spinach

snap peas, shelling peas and spinach



A little top dressing of more compost (all from the compost box, of course), a sprinkle of water, and the seedlings are safe in the ground. I did two rows of each pea variety, and will do two more of each in about 10 days to extend the season. As there are only three of us, one seeding of spinach will be enough, as any extra will go to seed once the heat comes in late spring (yes, I am an optimist).

The boy also did some building and planting of his own. He fixed up this old wooden planter and attached it to the middle veggie box. Then he filled it with compost, asked for some small plants, and made it all nice. Even watered it. He just may be a gardener after all (as opposed to an expert worm chaser).


the boy's flower box

the boy's flower box

I should add that the forsythia is even more yellow today!

So, what are you planting this spring?


  1. I’m bursting with envy! We’ve still got snow – though the roads are clean and I am riding my bike to work again… I’m sure missing those 80 degree temps in Cairo. I think it is 42 outside right now.

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