Posted by: Kate | April 6, 2009

Recent Pages

Thought I’d post some recent scrapbook pages, for a change of pace. I’ve been working on using up my products, or using things such as stamps that I haven’t used before. Both of these pages do that.

This first one uses a journaling tag I’ve been hanging on to, some flowers and brads from the stash, two paper quotes I bought last summer because I loved them yet haven’t used them, and my foam stamps with paint. The boy took the pictures at the beach.


The next page is from my Ottawa album. I am slowly putting this together, and am enjoying going through the old memories! Again I used some foam stamps I’m not using enough, and also some cute flower eyelets that I bought quite a while ago. And yes, the journaling is true, a common problem in Ottawa high-rises unfortunately!

So there you go. I am continuing along with my “use it up” goal for my crafting this year. And I am really enjoying myself in the process!


  1. I do like your pages Kate – busy lady over there with all your craft. For me scrapbooking is very time comsuming, I like doing pages, but get into a perfection thing with them and then they take a lot of time! So I guess I dont do them often because of this. Do you have a specaially designated craft area where you keep all your craft/scrapbooking stuff?

  2. Nice pages (and great picture of you…it looks like you are at peace and in your element!). Glad to see you are continuing with the goal to use what you have!

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