Posted by: Kate | April 1, 2009

I Am SO Not Laughing Here

Not funny, this cosmic April Fool’s Day joke. I thought on March 31st I could post flowers and put the snow shovel away (seriously, just finally put it away from the front door yesterday). Apparently not.


I’m going back to bed. Wake me up when summer is here.


  1. My oldest son’s birthday is April 28. On his first birthday, 15 years ago, we had a snowstorm. I have a picture of him in his little toddler snowsuit, playing in the snow on his birthday. The year earlier, it was sunny and 70F that same day.

  2. Oh it’s a cruel climate.

  3. We had a bit of snow yesterday. I was thinking about how ready I am for spring – and then I noticed some tulips just starting to creep out of the ground! Spring may actually be here!

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