Posted by: Kate | March 31, 2009

Look, Look, Look!

It’s really coming! Spring, that is. The signs are irrefutable. All these photos were taken today, in my garden. (These are for my friend and her elk, stuck in the snow.)

dsc01467  dsc01469  dsc01477


dsc01473  dsc01474

Not a moment too soon!



  1. Oh how nice it was out yesterday the 31st of March people were out mowing their lawns) and today we awake to snow… A North wind sure can change things up!

  2. Oh, how sweet you are! Thanks so much for posting these…yesterday it snowed, then rained, then hailed, then got very clear and sunny for about a minute…then snowed again. Already today we have a couple inches of slush. I grumble about it but it is completely typical and expected for NE Oregon during March and April (and some years even May). So it lifted my spirits exponentially to not only see your beautiful blooms but also that you shared them for me! Today is starting with a smile…I thank you! :)

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