Posted by: Kate | March 30, 2009

Listen Even When No Words Are Said

Spring Break for our district is still a week away, well after the rest of the province has had their spring break. We get two weeks off, though, as it coordinates with the Easter holidays. I had thought that we might go to Victoria as we have done in the past, perhaps visit the Bug Zoo again, see friends and family, go to the IMAX, etc. I had even started talking to  various people about stopping at their houses to visit.

And then I watched the boy. I saw how tired he was of routine and people all around him every day. I noticed that at least once every two days he was talking about when we could go camping again. I realized he wasn’t even asking for play dates but coming home to either read or explore on his own. And then, finally, I really listened to all these non-verbal clues.

He doesn’t need Victoria (although he never said he didn’t want to go he also wasn’t enthused about the idea) he needs outside time and down time. So, spring break will find us on a mini-camping trip (as long as it is warm enough, otherwise we’ll hang at the campsite for the day); out at the lake and in the forest as well as the garden. We will be riding bikes and digging in compost boxes and smelling of campfires.

I am so thankful I listened to what the boy needed on his break, rather than following my own agenda. Working hard on being aware!



  1. You’re an awesome Mom, Kate!!!
    love the title.

  2. Well done Kate.

  3. I second both these comments…well done for continuing to be aware. And what a powerful message in that title.

  4. Congratulations! As someone with 4 kids, 2 grown, I can assure you that your choice will provide lasting benefits to the both of you.

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