Posted by: Kate | March 24, 2009

The Beach Memory

This was written a month ago. I thought at the time that I might develop it further for something else but that hasn’t happened. So here is the essay I started.

When my son saw the dog in the car after school he groaned. “Not the beach, I don’t want to go,” he said.

I just smiled to myself, and said nothing. That is what he says anytime we have somewhere to go after school, and I happen to know the beach is one of his favourite places – once he is there.

We drove down to the beach in silence, while he ate his after-school snack I had thankfully thought to bring with me. The dog was sitting up looking eagerly out the window – he knew what we were up to.

When we got to the beach my son was still grumpy. The dog jumped out of the car and barreled down over the logs to the water. He knows the way, this is our favourite spot to walk along the beach. As usual, we were the only ones within eyesight.

Within minutes of walking, my son’s mood improved. I asked him to take some pictures of me, and then I took the pictures he asked me to take – of his foot prints, of his beach glass, of him sunbathing on a rock.

We walked together, laughing at the dog running like a new pup and swimming in the cold ocean water. We breathed in the ocean air and looked around at the seabirds and the washed up treasures. Soon we were talking freely, my son telling me details of his day at school, me listening and trying to ask the right questions. Being in the moment, aware of how precious it all is.

As we were heading back to the car we spotted two of the local eagles, up in their nesting tree. They were calling out, so my son called back and got the attention of one of the big birds.

It was just a half hour in February, on a day with no rain. But it will remain in my heart, tucked away in the space for fondest memories.


  1. Wow that’s a great post, Kate.

  2. Lovely post Kate. Definitely a moment to cherish!

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