Posted by: Kate | March 17, 2009

Eight Things

I had some other posts stewing in my head, but Liz over at The Quilted Turtle (go, visit, read …. I’ll wait) tagged me for this meme and if I don’t do it today it won’t get done, as it will leave my consciousness and I will forget. So here you go.


Eight Things About Me

1. I’m short, 5 foot 1 inch, but I don’t feel it.

2. I hate being called cute, always have hated it.

3. I have Interstitial Cystitis, which means I drink no caffeine. I really miss caffeine.

4. I’m a St. Patrick’s Day baby.

5. I love Monet.

6. I have been to South Africa three times.

7. I drove from Victoria, B.C. to Ottawa, Ontario in a 1974 Gold Superbeetle SunBug when I was 18.

8. I won medals in Orienteering three years in a row at the B.C. Summer Games as a teen-ager.


Eight TV Shows I Watch

1. ER – but only for three more episodes then it’s all gone 

2. Survivor

3. Big Love

4. Amazing Race

5. Mantracker

6. How It’s Made

7. CSI

8. House


Eight Restaurants I Love (OK, this is really hard, we only eat out about three times a year, so some of these are from years ago)

1. Gatehouse Bistro (Cumberland B.C.)

2. Foo Hongs (Chinatown Victoria B.C.)

3. Ebizo (Victoria B.C.)

4. Willows Pub (Campbell River B.C.)

5. The Atlas (Courtenay B.C.)

6. The Royal Coachman (Campbell River B.C.)

7. The Lovin’ Oven (Quadra Island B.C.)

8. Our House when Mr. Kate cooks fancy food from his past restaurant days


Eight Things That Happened Today

1. It snowed.

2. The dog puked in his kennel. Ugh.

3. The boy wore the sweater I made him to school.

4. A work conference call.

5. The sun shone.

6. A cheque came in the mail.

7. A parcel came in the mail.

8. We went for a family walk after dinner, yay for lighter evenings!


Eight Things I Look Forward To

1. Scrapbooking with friends.

2. Knit night.

3. Spring Break, which isn’t until April this year.

4. My son sleeping through the night more than two nights in a row.

5. Summer.

6. Camping with my guys.

7. Fresh blackberries.

8. Lake swimming.


Eight Things I Wish For

1. Healthy family.

2. My own chickens.

3. A house keeper.

4. A normal, good growing season (not wet, not cold, in other words not like the last two years).

5. More time to read.

6. Another writing or editing contract.

7. Free yarn?

8. Peace.


Eight Songs I Just Listened To

(This is really hard, as I’m not a big music person. In the car I usually listen to CBC talk radio. But I did recently buy two CDs, so here are my favourite four songs from each.)

1. It’s Not Over, Daughtry

2. Home, Daughtry

3. Gone, Daughtry

4. What About Now, Daughtry

5. Falling Slowly, Once Soundtrack

6. Lies, Once Soundtrack

7.  When Your Mind’s Made Up, Once Soundtrack

8. If You Want Me, Once Soundtrack


Eight Favourite Movies

1. White Christmas

2. Grease

3. August Rush

4. Benny & Joon

5. Any James Bond movie with Sean Connery

6. Like Water for Chocolate

7. Mrs. Doubtfire (fly-by fruiting, one of the best lines ever)

8. Four Weddings and a Funeral


Anyone else want to play? Have at ‘er, let us know in the comments.



  1. Happy birthday!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU kate!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope you had a wonderful day!! I’m very short too – but a bit taller than you and I feel v small… I am 5’2

  3. ps – I LOVE LOVE that show big love – only we are so very far behind here!!!

  4. What an awesome, interesting post, I enjoyed it a lot! Hope you had a great birthday!

  5. Happy birthday, Kate — hope it was a wonderful one!

  6. Happy Birthday Kate! (slightly belated…)

  7. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. It was a great day!

  8. Thanks for playing along!

  9. Don’t you love when I finally get caught up on reading and bombard you with comments? :)

    HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY! I hope you had an amazing day!

    Love this post…I so enjoy these memes that allow us to get to know each other just a little bit better. I may decide to play along with this one in a few weeks!

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