Posted by: Kate | March 16, 2009

The Trio is Complete

The third family sweater is complete! That’s a sweater for each of us this winter. I likely won’t be making either of the guys another sweater anytime soon, so I hope they enjoy these ones. (The boy asked me to crop these photos as he hadn’t brushed his hair yet and it was really wild.)


Pattern: The Weasley Sweater. This was requested by the boy in the summer when he was reading the Harry Potter series and I was showing him all the different things people had knit from the books.

Yarn: Wendy Peter Pan DK. Acrylic and deliciously soft. Colour Rust (orange), as requested by the boy himself.

This was an easy knit, except for the intarsia letter. That’s my first real intarsia there, people! (Ha, my spell checker doesn’t know the word intarsia.)  The sweater was too short as I left it sitting for too long and he grew. So I pulled out the cast on edges and knit down for three inches. Luckily the sleeves are picked up at the top and knit down to the cuff, so I could knit them to fit. 



He seems to be very happy with the sweater. He immediately put it on when I showed it to him and then wore it to school.



  1. It turned out great, glad he liked it too!

  2. Yes, it did turn out great! Boy – your son looks happy to be wearing it… and thats the main thing!

  3. Ha ha!! There it is!! It looks wonderful, Kate. I can’t believe I haven’t been to your blog in, what is it….two days?!

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