Posted by: Kate | March 12, 2009

Nine, Neuf, Neun, Nueve, Nove

My boy turns nine this week. 


In honour of his special day, here are nine random wonderful things about him.

1. He is very cuddly.

2. He is fiercely determined to work things out on his own. A Lego contraption, an assignment, a computer game … he will make it work!

3. He has an uncanny ability to say the perfect thing at the perfect moment that makes my heart fill.


4. He loves music and is often bopping away to his own internal song.

5. He has a soft side that shows up when he reads sad books and watches sad movies. (Girls will love that.)

6. He has to tell me about books he reads and things he learns, they consume him so much he just has to share them.

7. He is a collector of treasures, a little magpie.

8. He is so not concerned about people’s perceptions of him.

9. He loves nature.


Happy Birthday my sweet!



  1. Oh Happy Birthday, Kate’s boy! My girls were so happy to see pictures of you and wish you Many Happy Returns of the day. May your next year be full of adventure.

  2. Happy birthday! Being 9 ROCKS!

  3. thanks says the boy!

  4. Happy Happy Day to you little man! Enjoy your last year in the single digits ;) Next time you’ll be onto the double digits and then there is no looking back ;)

  5. He sounds wonderful. I hope his day was fantastic.

  6. What a wonderful boy. This world needs good men–and it looks like he will grow up to be one!

  7. What a beautiful guy! Oh, nine…nine is such a nice age. Enjoy it.

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