Posted by: Kate | February 27, 2009

Friday Quote

“In all our lives there are milestones, important moments we remember long after. This was one of them. For the brief time of his appearance I drank in every detail of the shark – his eyes, black as night; the magnificent body; the long gill slits slightly flaring; the wicked white teeth; the pectoral fins like the wings of a large aeroplane; and above all the poise and balance in the water and the feeling conveyed of strength, power and intelligence. To see the shark alive was a revelation. He was strong, he was beautiful. No dead shark or second-hand account could convey the vitality and presence of the live creature. A few seconds face to face were worth more than all the years of hearsay, pictures, and slack-jawed corpses.” Hugh Edwards, 1976 sighting under water of a great white shark

-Quoted by E.O. Wilson in Diversity of Life

The language is so powerful!!



  1. Reading this I was immediately reminded of a description I read somewhere of the common magpie. About how when you looked closely you could see the iridescent greens and blues and purples in it’s feathers. As in the quote above, the language was powerful and beautiful. It’s chilling when someone that articulate can capture not only the beauty, but the power of the natural world simply in words.

  2. hey Kate, I miss you and have been thinking about you lately, hope all is well and look forward to our next visit..still haven’t worked on my Christmas album but Chris has inspired me read so I am sneaking in a few chapters but there are sick kids and report cards…hopefully we’ll catch up soon. Hope you had a great time at your conference. Loved the sweater and isn’t little Anna cute? sleep tight

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