Posted by: Kate | February 26, 2009

It’s All Exotic To Me

Reading and talking to people lately I’ve been hearing of people living and traveling in all sorts of what I consider exotic locations. It got me thinking … what makes an exotic location anyhow? Does the person who said she lives and works in Athens, Greece think it is exotic? Does the person in Southern California, where the kids are playing at the Aquarium in the ocean in shorts in February, think where she lives is exotic? What about the curler from Inuvik who travels to Yellowknife to be on her territorial (provincial) curling team –does she think Inuvik is exotic?

As much as I love living here, I’ve never thought of the Canadian West Coast as exotic. I do know it is a tourist destination, and that many people want to travel here to see our amazing natural beauty. Makes me wonder, are there people who hear where I live and work and think, “Wow, is she ever lucky to be in such an exotic location?”



  1. I am not sure about exotic because that word to me implies palm trees and heat, why is that?? But where you live is not just a very desirable location, it’s a magical place. Or at least that’s how I have always felt about the Pacific Northwest, and it still feels like that to me, now that I live here, too :) It’s magic.

  2. People say that to me, too. But to me it is just “home.” I’m going to Egypt in March and to me, that’s exotic. Probably because I’ve never been to Africa or a Muslim nation, and it is so far out of my frame of reference.

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