Posted by: Kate | February 18, 2009


One year ago today I got my account on Ravelry. And truth to say, Ravelry has changed my life.

How to describe Ravelry to those who don’t use it? It is a database, online community, pattern library, meeting place, and so much more, for all things fibre-related (knitting, spinning and crocheting being the dominant three). There are over 290,000 users registered, and last week over 100,000 of them were on Ravelry. It is tech-sophisticated yet user-friendly, and a tool I use daily.

I can’t even begin to find my most favourite thing about Ravelry. Looking up a pattern I’m thinking of making and seeing what other people have done with it? Joining forums geared directly to my interests (and being able to start my own if I can’t find one)? Being able to have a personal database of favourite patterns and projects? Being able to find information on a yarn when I’ve lost the ballband? The uses for Ravelry just go on and on.

Knitters and fibre-enthusiasts seem to have taken to the internet like no other group (witness the Yarn Harlot’s blog having over 10,000 subscribers just in bloglines), in numbers and in information made available. Ravelry has provided a central place for all of that activity to be collated and accessed, with the added benefit of making friends if you choose.

It is not an understatement to say it has changed my craft, for the better, in so many ways. How about you?



  1. I do not know what I did before Ravelry. The most useful function for me is being able to see other people’s projects. 95% of the time I am substituting the yarn a pattern calls for. Being able to see other projects knit up in the same weight or color of yarn I want to use is amazing.

    The most enjoyable part of Ravelry are the groups. I only belong to a few, but they are special to me and I would not want to be without them.

  2. I must admit that I haven’t gotten the hang of ravelry. I find it difficult to load photos, due to the necessity of putting the photos first on Flickr. At this point, I prefer to read blogs. But, maybe I should spend more time on Ravelry.

  3. Not being a knitter, I’ve never stopped by. But since I am looking into getting my spinning wheel repaired, I probably should check it out.

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