Posted by: Kate | February 9, 2009

Recharging the Batteries

There is nothing like a creative week-end away, spent with a really good friend, to recharge the batteries.

(That, and the days getting longer. Oh thank goodness there is now light after 5pm!)

This week-end my friend (the same one I went to Parksville with in September) and I attended a charity scrapbooking event in Shawnigan Lake. It was held at the Shawnigan Lake School, a private boarding school. The school is 90 years old, and is one of the most stunning campuses I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. I guarantee you any student would do better in those kinds of surroundings!

The crop was to benefit MS, and went from 9am to 9pm. That’s a lot of scrapping!! I got much of my list accomplished, which felt great. The event was very well organized and we will certainly go again next year.

As a bonus, we booked a hotel room for Saturday night and hung out together. A bottle of wine, good conversation, silly movies. Perfect. Topped off with a yummy breakfast before parting ways in the morning.

There is something to be said for hanging out with someone who has known you a very long time. (Since high school, baby!) It is comfortable, and fun, and easy. And when you only do it once every few months, it is a true treat.

As a bonus, it didn’t rain or snow on my drive there or back. Maybe I’ve broken my winter jinx for heading down island!

I came home to two contented guys who watched movies, cleaned rooms, got the boy a haircut (nothing drastic, but it looks great, still curls just a little tamer), went fishing and hung out together more than they usually get to.

I can feel that energy coming back!



  1. Definitely a good way to recharge! I don’t think anything beats spending time with someone you feel that comfortable with…especially if you don’t see them all the time!

  2. Glad you had a great weekend, was thinking of you!

  3. Sounds like the winter blahs are coming to an end! Longer evenings? wow ours me getting shorter then! oh oh that means only one thing…WE are heading into winter soon ! then the tables will turn and youll be hearing me complaining about winter on my page! glad youre weekend was so great!

  4. I know what you mean about light. It hit me the other day that it was 5:45 PM and still light out!

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