Posted by: Kate | February 4, 2009

I Live Here.


Orcas from the ferry to Quadra this morning.


Dog in water at beach this afternoon.


Boy with beach glass at beach this afternoon.


The bay of afternoon delights.


The eagles watching the beach for any delicacies.


The eagle’s response to the boy’s calls.

That’s only half of the wonderful day. Yup. I live here.



  1. What a lovely day!

    I have said it before and will say it again… we live in paradise :)

  2. It’s official: you’re very lucky.

  3. Beautiful! But what I like best is that you are aware of how amazing of a place you live. And yes, I purposefully used the word aware! :) I absolutely love where I live, but sometimes weeks pass and it seems like I’m on auto-pilot…forgetting to look around me. When I do, the day is a much happier day!

  4. Wow, orcas in February, lucky you! And yes, that’s a beautiful area — see you at the retreat in April, hopefully!

  5. Stunning! Orcas and eagles all in one day! What a fantastic spot.

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