Posted by: Kate | February 2, 2009

Knitting and Writing

When I first started this blog I stayed away from writing too much about my knitting, as it wasn’t to be a knitting blog (although I love knitting blogs, I had so much to say that had nothing to do with knitting that  I didn’t want to give people false impressions by saying I was a knitting blogger). I’ve slowly expanded the blog to include some of my knitting projects and certainly more of my feelings around knitting in general. 

As you may remember, in the fall I started a working relationship with Fun Knits Yarn Shop. I keep the website updated, keep the Ravelry forum moving, and in general help with keeping people up to date on store news. Recently I started writing on the blog as well, along with Shelley (Fun Knits owner) and Deb (Fun Knits wonder worker). So more of my knitting projects and other knitting news may be found over there. Stop by and visit sometime.

I have in my head a post about assessment in our schools, but I need more time to get my thoughts organized, and today is not providing me with any extra time!



  1. Thanks for the link–I really enjoy reading whatever you write about. But I’m glad you gave a link to more of your knitting related posts as well because I don’t tend to keep up with projects in Ravelry as much as other folks do! :)

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