Posted by: Kate | January 30, 2009

Friday Quote

“You seek out the larger issues, Sir” said Richardson, smiling at his commander; at his inexorable reliability. “But most people wish to understand only what they hold in their hands. We will never control any Indians, not in this wild country, until we teach them the absolute, practical necessity of money.”

“They hardly seem to require it, since they trade for what they need.”

“Exactly. I believe that is the fundamental problem in the economic development of primitives. If they understood money, they would work harder to get more of it, in order to buy what they want.”

Franklin shook his head. “But …. it seems they want so little.”

“Exactly,” murmured Richardson, closing his notebook. “They must want more than they need. That is civilization.”

“A Discovery of Strangers” by Rudy Wiebe


Made me laugh out loud when I read that.


  1. Wow. That’s a laugh out loud quote for sure. But it’s also a very telling quote…which makes me sad!

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