Posted by: Kate | January 27, 2009

It’s the Hair

When you look at pictures of my husband as a boy, he is the double of our son. There is a photo on our wall of my husband at about age 8 dressed for hockey. Almost all of our son’s friends have seen it, turned to him and asked him (our son) when he played hockey, because they didn’t know he played. He takes great delight in telling them it is his dad in the picture.

From certain angles you can see the similarities, even though they look so different at times. Maybe it’s the hair….


When it’s wet, the boy’s hair is well down his back. It has cowlicks and curls galore (girls of all ages love it, which makes him happy). The husband’s hair also has cowlicks galore, although it is tighter curl – ok just frizzy – when long. The boy and the husband both say that no one can give them a decent haircut, no matter how many places we try out. So one chooses to shave it, and the other chooses not to cut it. 

It took me, with my fine, straight, hair, a long time to understand the differences in their hair from mine. Since getting the boy a better 2 in 1 shampoo and a bottle of spray conditioner – life is much happier and his long hair, although still always bed head 5 minutes after brushing, does look a lot healthier. Why do some of these lessons take so long to learn?!


  1. What a great photo and such handsome lads! I hear you about the hair thing. We all have (had, in my hubby’s case) thick curly hair and bad hair days in this wet weather are inevitable. That’s why I love my knit tams!

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