Posted by: Kate | January 20, 2009

No Seriously, What is With This Weather?!

So after all the crazy snow of December and early January, we have moved into two weeks of fog. Deep, thick, damp fog. Our weather forecast calls for sunshine every day, and we know it’s out there. If you drive to a high point in town, you’ll be in the sunshine. If you go to the ski hill, you’ll be in the sunshine. Sometimes, here at the house, you can be looking straight ahead at fog, yet look up to clear blue sky.

Today I went to Quadra to hang at Fun Knits (OK, there was some work going on, but it’s hard to tell when you’re in the yarn fumes). I took the ferry at 11:30, and there was the fog, lingering around the shore and over the strait.

Looking south while the ferry was still in dock … all fog.


Looking north? Sunshine with fog whispering around.


And looking east to Quadra? Well, I was trusting that the captain knew where the island was!


Amazingly, when we got to Quadra and into the harbour …. the sun was shining!

And now, as I type this, the house is once again shrouded in fog, with the trees across the street full of mist. Can’t imagine what next month will bring!


  1. Ohh I know wasn’t today strange but wonderful at the same time… when I went over it was very eerie when we were out int the middle of the straight… like we were a ghost ship or something of the like…. very eerie.

  2. I remember visiting Vancouver a few years ago and the whole week I was there it was like pea soup. Much like what we are having now, only this time you can see the sun if you are high enough. I was in Vancouver at the weekend and Granville Market was all thick fog but then I visited a friend on the more elevated east side and they had beautiful sunshine and blue skies, but you could see the fog lingering in the valley. Reminded me of the movie “The Fog” which creeped me out quite a bit back then!

  3. I agree – ferry riding in the fog is eerie. Thank goodness for radar! The ice crossing here is getting better – 8.5 inches at last count. I may even be crossing soon.

  4. You’ve had terrible weather this winter. So unusual for the Northwest US. We’ve had a spell of very, very cold weather here in Wisconsin, but temps below zero and wind chills of -35 or so are not unusual. Nevertheless, we felt pretty sorry for ourselves. Thanks for your supportive comments on my blog about my lace problem. I’m pleased to learn that others do not use lifelines. I may regret my folly, however, before I finish this thing!!

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