Posted by: Kate | January 13, 2009

Praise for a Lowly Dishcloth (or two, or three)

Oh humble dishcloth, you are my true knitting champion.


Small, inexpensive, portable as a project yet eminently useful as a finished object.

I play with colour and stitch in your knitted form, with no major investment of time.

Nor do I care if you get tattered and worn, as you are no major feat of knitting.

A bright pick-me-up in my kitchen, a lovely gift wrapped around some nice soap or in a dish…

A chocolate chip moment of knitting, all provided in a 9×9 inch square.

While others malign you, or push you aside for more glamourous projects, I will never abandon you.

Dishcloth cotton will always be in my knitting basket, ready at any moment to create another washing masterpiece.



  1. Oh yes!

    I feel exactly the same way!

    Your Ode to the Humble Dishcloth is great! :)

  2. Right, I really now want to make my own after looking at yours… so, do you have to use special cotton/wool? what material do you use to make this? maybe i will go and have to ask? please just tell me what this wool is called and I will ask at the store. I think if I crochet one of those then all my recent crochet learning will be worth the effort!

  3. Hi Krissie, I emailed you to answer your questions!

  4. hi kate,
    i was looking on ravelry and the web for dishcloth patterns last night, and here are yours looking so lovely. please tell me where you found the pattern – it looks similar to one i found.
    looking forward to our meeting next tues.
    take care,
    p.s. your posts are great (your blog and shell’s).

  5. Thanks kate!! going to read it now!

  6. Oh yes, the lowly dishcloth is indeed worthy of major praise!

  7. I love the dishcloth! And every person I’ve knitted one for says they are so much better than anything store bought (I normally do ballbands, but I need to expand into other designs!)…I even get requests for more each year they love them so much. Amazing that you can grab a little bit of cotton, knit a couple hours and produce something that popular!

    Yours look great–like that design!

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