Posted by: Kate | January 8, 2009

Visual Reminder

I created a small piece this week to sit by my desk this year and remind me of my word for 2009: Awareness. I am working on incorporating the word into my life: reminding myself to be aware of things around me. There are so many ways and places to be aware …. of nature, of people, of myself, of my driving, of habits…. it strikes me as a big word! But then, it is a whole year to have it be a focus in my life.



As I was taking these pictures, I captured this image, which I really love so thought I would share it here:


See me?



  1. That is way cool. Both the artwork and the photo.

  2. Very nice!

    We have as picture very similar to this we captured Billie’s reflection in a framed picture of her ultrasounds. I love those kind of coincidences :)

  3. What a great (and pretty) way to be reminded daily of your goals for the new year! Well done.

    And neat photo with you in the reflection…I love those kinds of shots!

  4. Nice reminder Kate.

  5. I like your selection of a word for the year to inspire you. And, you selection of “awareness” and the frame are inspired! Thanks for your comments on how you decide on a blanket to make. I’m glad I’m back in the blog world!!

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