Posted by: Kate | January 6, 2009

Lists and Lists and More Lists

Those who know me, know I am a lister. I love lists, which I think I have mentioned before. Lists motivate me, prepare me, remind me and inspire me. Last year I started the new year with a list of possibilities. I didn’t achieve them all, but that isn’t always the point of lists. Sometimes it is simply an exercise in thinking beyond my norms.

This year I have made some lists for 2009. One is my knitting list. Every year I have a few projects I really want to get done (of course, another dozen or more get done along the way). I keep the list in my Palm (the perfect list machine) and refer to it from time to time. Another list is camping trips we want to take for the year. This year the north end of our island is on the list as a major trip. We would really like to explore that area. Of course, there are my project lists (aside from knitting) — the scrapbooking, sewing and various other things to do. The list of plants I’d like to get in the garden this year, the list of books I’d like to read, the list of items we still would like for the house …..


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