Posted by: Kate | November 4, 2008

Messy Tuesday

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Messy Tuesday. Mostly because the mess always looks the same — a lot of clutter. But with the changing of the season and the cooler days, we have a new mess. Not the clutter of boots and shoes and scarves at the front door (although that is certainly there). Not the mud on the floor as people run through the house without taking their shoes off (also certainly there). No, we have a bigger problem.



This is one day’s worth of shedding, in one place on the carpet. My whole downstairs carpet looks like this people. It is enough to make me cry. Australian Shepherds have a lot of fur, and before the winter coat grows in they lose all their summer undercoat apparently. All of it. I’m also brushing him.


That’s one minute worth of brushing. First with the older-style wire brush and then with the new style fur busting steel comb brush. I could brush him for hours and still fur would come off him! He quite enjoys it, but my nose and hand can only take so much of the fur before we are done.

This mess is more than I can bear …. I vacuumed the carpet as soon as I took the picture! (This is also why I now own a Dyson for pets …. I blew through two other vacuum cleaners. The Dyson can handle the fur.)

But then the dog looks at me with those loving eyes, and I forgive him for dropping fur all over my house like it’s sugar off a coated donut.



If only he could operate the vacuum cleaner.



  1. Well, of course you can’t hold it against that sweet dog.

  2. I to had an Aussie! We called him fluffly butt, b/c no matter what he always tended to be fuzzier there. They actually call it blowing their coats for a reason…cause yahnno thats what its like. ;)

    I love me an Aussie!

  3. I know exactly what you mean. My husband has resorted to shaving the dog rather than deal with the annual shed.

  4. What a lovely dog. I have two, and one of them, a Cocker Spaniel, sheds like crazy. I’ve got the Dyson for pets, too! But I’ve also just bought clippers, and have started clipping the spaniel. I swear I removed another dog’s worth of hair the first time I did it.

  5. Wow that dog is NOT KIDDING with the hair! And his spotted face is so cute.

    I’ve been blogless for several days and now I’ve found I’ve missed like four posts! I was supposed to spend the entire day assembling my daughter’s portfolio for the Ministry, but I can’t seem to get to it…too much bloggy catch-up to do.

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