Posted by: Kate | November 3, 2008

Christmas Crafting

It’s November, and the Christmas crafting is officially underway! I have two gifts already tucked away upstairs, items that were knitted during swim classes and movies. I have made my list; there will be some knitting, some scrapbooking and perhaps some sewing. Food and candies will come in December, but the more I can get out of the way this month, the better! Most of my gift giving consist of handmade items, with a few store-bought items to round it out.

Of course, I still have to finish the sweater for my husband, and there is a sweater for my son on the needles as well. They both have a finish line in sight, so I’m feeling ok at this point. 

The scrapbooking will consist of calendars. I made two last year, and they were huge hits. Repeat what works, I say! I will find a new theme this year, but the subject (my son) will stay the same. The calendars are 8×8 blank calendars that I bought at my local scrapbook store, She Runs With Scissors. I like the smaller size as they are quicker to make up and easier for the recipient to hang.

So, what are your Christmas crafting plans?



  1. I tend to be more of a homemade basket full of goodness type gift giver to, so with that said this is my plan…I always make all of our cards that get handed / sent out during the with that said I will be taking a couple of days or evenings and having some card making sessions. I also plan on doing a couple pairs of socks up for my Pa, hubby and both kids. maybe a scarf or something of the like for my mom…one never knows :)

  2. Hi Kate – I’ve bought 2 things so far for my youngest DD who is easy to shop for, the older ones are not so easy! I’ve also made home made cards, so some crafting on the home front has gone on. I have also finished writing all my xmas cards! how good is that??

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