Posted by: Kate | July 10, 2008

Knitting, Crafting and Sewing Projects

There is always much crafting going on at our house. Our son has an art supplies collection that would make a preschool jealous (years of accumulation). I have a room dedicated to my supplies (well, ok, it is the guest room and cleans up really nice, but let’s be honest…. its main purpose is to be my craft room). 

This summer there are a few projects that we hope to accomplish. The boy has learnt how to make flies for fishing, and is busy experimenting with techniques and supplies. Of course, the cardboard building continues ….



I have my ongoing scrapbooks, our family one and a book of the four years my husband and I spent in Ottawa when we were just starting out on our own. I would like to sew some skirts this summer – the one thing I am quite good at sewing as it is only a few seams and nothing finicky!

I have a few knitting projects to work on as well. My husband has requested (a first!) a sweater for fishing. It took almost a year to find the right sweater, but we have now got the pattern and the yarn in hand. Norah Gaughan’s Branching Aran Guernsey (the man’s sweater on this page). That will be started soon, as he would like it for fall fishing. The yarn is gorgeous, a green heathered alpaca/wool mix from Berroco (peat mix).

I am just finishing a vest for me, and have of course been making socks, this time some little ankle socks for wearing with skirts.


I have a little red lace cotton cardigan to finish up …. it was put aside last summer when I misjudged how much yarn I had left. The problem has been fixed and the cardigan is waiting for me.

Some scarves for Christmas presents, some more socks. I shall be busy crafting this summer!


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