Posted by: Kate | April 24, 2008

Seven Unimportant Things

I don’t often do memes, but this one is simple and I need some blog fodder (actually I have about three posts floating in my head, but this is an easy out on the day I need to do our taxes).

Marilyn, over at MVWindwalker, tagged me to do the 7 quirks/non-important things/habits meme that has been floating about. I am going to do the 7 things, but I’m going to break the rules and not tag anyone else, only because I’ve seen it done at most of the blogs I read. If you are reading this and haven’t done it yet …. consider yourself tagged and leave a comment to your 7 things post on this post.

1. I rarely ever listen to music. I love music, but I seem to like my quiet more.

2. I played piano as a child, and have my Grade 7 Royal Conservatory level and Advanced Rudimentary Theory.

3. I don’t wear make-up. Nope, not even foundation. Not mascara, not lipstick. No make-up.

4. I have at least 5 knitting projects on the needles at any one time.

5. I can’t stand pumpkin pie.

6. Because I work from home I can easily go from 9am to 2:25pm without talking to anyone.

7. I have yet to find a good hairstyle and stick with it.




  1. I work from home too, but I talk to myself all the time. And to the dogs.

  2. I too love the sounds of silence. My dh loves to put the raio on, I’ll listen to the news, then turn it off again! I prefer the quiet.

  3. Boy- I’ve been MIA for awhile!!! I have a hard time with the hairstyle thing too, Iget it cut every 6 months and the rest of the time its shaggy and over grown! Love your garden boxes , I want to do something like that, the girls want to grow a ‘pizza garden’ stuff you put on a pizza. we’ll see if it happens…

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