Posted by: Kate | April 21, 2008

It was calling my name

The garden, that is. The vegetable boxes, to be exact. This so-called spring of ours has not been conducive to gardening so far, but yesterday, despite the cold, the sunshine called us out to clean out the veggie beds. (By us, understand that to mean me and the eight-year-old boy. Husband builds garden boxes, but does not play in soil.)

We dug out all the weeds and left over plants from last year. Then we added compost from our ‘ready’ box (we have two so one is in progress while one cooks for either summer / winter and then is ready in fall / spring). Lastly the beds were raked and smoothed out.

We have two done, one needing to be raked and one more box to clear. The strawberry box will also need a topping of soil. But at least we can plant some peas this week!

This is the bed not quite finished. In the back you can see the compost boxes, from where the beautiful compost comes. I’m always amazed every year when I turn it over and see the dark, crumbly earth we’ve helped create. Just by giving the worms some good food!


This is the boy’s garden. He has big plans for it this year, including a room made from sunflowers, beans and peas. We shall see how it all turns out!


The middle bed will likely have the cucumbers and perhaps the potatoes this year. The green clumps you see are chives. Regular chives on the far right and clumps of garlic chives in the middle.



  1. Between the chives and the lemon balm, I’m lucky I have any garden left! I put in my peas and spinach a couple weeks ago. I can’t plant anymore until after Mother’s Day.

    We’re replacing some of the windows in my house and I’ve made the contractors promise to leave me a couple of the old. I’m going to build cold frames with them! I’ll be sure to send you pictures as soon as they’re finished.

  2. Hey, Kate…. check out my blog, I ‘tagged’ you for a meme today! :-)

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