Posted by: Kate | April 10, 2008


This week’s Theme Thursday is Cherish. First it brought to mind the song by Madonna (and The Associates). Then it made me think of families and love and roses. I used art stickers, collage images, ink, chalk, stamps and pen and created a 4×4 that captured some of what I was thinking.

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. beautiful card… love the background :-)

  2. great 4 x 4!

  3. Looks beautiful.

  4. Wow this is wonderful. Great design.

  5. I have always loved Mary Cassatt’s art work, I use to have a framed poster. the words fit the scene perfect.

  6. beautiful card love the backgrond!

  7. Beautiful card.
    The background is very nice.

  8. great card and great background!!! love it!!

  9. I LOVE me some fat naked babies! I want to gobble up that kid’s legs and plant a honkin’ raspberry on his belly! And you KNOW that little boy has a fistfull of his sisters hair. She is gently trying to loosen his grip, but of course…he won’t budge. In about 1 minute she is going to start a wailing. Her cries will upset the baby, who will begin to cry. Mom is exasperated. “Can’t we just have one moment of peace? Just once?” Defeated, she packs up and takes the children home.

    But your 4 x 4 captures that one minute of bliss beautifully. Your message reminds us that we must charish these moments as they happen…one moment at a time.

  10. So nice.

  11. Very pretty!

  12. What a brilliant creation – love it !

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