Posted by: Kate | April 8, 2008

Messy Tuesdays

Ah, another Messy Tuesday. I wasn’t sure what to post this week, and then I stepped over The Mat.

I love this mess. It moves around the ground floor of our house, sometimes going back into the green tub you see in the picture. I love Lego, and I love that our son plays with it so much. Almost every day he is creating things; usually machines or space craft. He plays and creates, always expanding on his ideas. Some of the lego was mine and my brother’s, kept by my mum all these years. Most of the lego came in the form of a kit of one kind or another, but he rarely keeps them in the model once built. It is the pieces and how he could fit them together that attracts him. The hinges, the hitches, the wheels and the wings – all are explored for their potential. Some adults think this is wrong (they would rather he make the model and then treasure it),  but we love it. His creativity is so evident in his constant building, and that is worth all the mess to us.




  1. It’s all fun and games until Dad finds a stray Lego…with his bare feet…on the way to the bathroom…at 2AM! Then all hell breaks loose!

    At least that’s how it happens in my house.

    My son just wanted to build the model, then save it. It used to make me angry…”I spent $50 on that toy…now PLAY with it!”

    I think your son is doing it the right way.

  2. its a work in progress!! dont stymie his creativity! Let it flow free! and the mess? huh…can be cleared away in a trice if yo so wish! creativity rules!!!

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