Posted by: Kate | April 3, 2008

Orange and Black

Today’s theme Thursday is orange and black. I immediately thought of this picture of my son from last summer, where his face is in shadow. This 4×4 what I put together. He is so full of a natural joy in life, always fun to watch. This day we were waiting for the ferry and he was cooling off after a long drive.




  1. lovely!

  2. Great!

  3. This is really great! I love how both the orange and the journaling goes all the way around his shape.

  4. Wow Kate this is wonderful. Fabulous work.

  5. beautiful background and great image!!!

  6. oh that is so cool! He’s lucky to have all these treasures your creating.

  7. Very cute photo and a lovely memory I am sure.

  8. this is grea – I didnt have anything in this theme to show, but yours is great! That is a nice shade of orange, not too hot not too cool or insipid.

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