Posted by: Kate | April 1, 2008

Messy Tuesday

Many thanks for the sympathetic comments on the last post. It feels like eons ago already, like a bad dream.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to do a messy post today. But then I was working in my craft room and thought, honesty is the best policy. So I am here to ‘fess up, and show the condition of my craft room. This room is also my spare room, so everything gets put into the big closet when company comes (love me the big closet) to stay. But no matter how organized I think I’m going to be, this is how it ends up. I seem to thrive in chaotic surroundings, what can I say? Besides, when I am in there I want to be creating, not cleaning!


I will admit that this is about saturation point, which means that soon I will get in there and clean it all up. Then the mess will begin again!

Happy Messy Tuesday, all.



  1. As my sister would say, Holy Schnikey!

    I have one like that too, but I didn’t show it today. Maybe next week…

  2. I read somewhere that most people/families have a tolerence level for tidiness/untidiness. Too untidy, and the family will co-operate to tidy up. Too tidy, and people get uncomfortable and do things like leave the day’s post on the floor.

  3. My craft room – also the guest room – looked EXACTLY like this before my dad came a couple weeks ago. I couldn’t even find the bed. The next place where I would normally shove stuff (the attic) is being DIY’ed into a actual space and so was not an option. Therefore, one very late night, plus one very tired mel, and it actually got clean. Stuff is starting to collect on the bed again though – it’s all downhill from there until we have guests again. Seriously it is so nice to know how NOT alone I am in my chronic messiness.

  4. I thrive in a messy creative space… I found that out once when I tidied up my desk and couldnt do any art for ages, till the mess built up again! good photo for a messy tuesday!

  5. I noticed those plasic bags seem to make everything seem worse in my house. more sloppy or something. ANd also, they seem to breed faster than mice, in a matter of days they are EVERYWHERE!

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