Posted by: Kate | March 27, 2008

It Was Awesome, and You’ll Have to Take My Word For It

…because I forgot to take my camera in.

 Down in the big city of Victoria for a few days with the boy (Mr. Kate had to stay home because of work, boo hiss bad work). We have been visiting family and friends, shopping and also, as a special treat for both of us, visited the Bug Zoo.

Now, I brought two cameras with me to Victoria, with this specific treat in mind. But by the time we found parking after 20 minutes of driving around a very busy downtown (every parkade even was full), walked the 10 minutes down to the Zoo in the freezing, swirling SNOW and I realized I had forgot the camera … I wasn’t going back for it.

If you have any interest in bugs, this is one cool place. We saw plenty of stick insects and leaf insects, millipedes, centipedes, ants and beetles. The boy held a Madagascar hissing beetle and two different stick insects. And I, my friends, held a tarantula as big as my hand. My heart raced like never before, but I did it, and felt pretty good about it. I may not have photographic proof, but I do have witnesses, as a friend and her son accompanied us. My son was pretty impressed with me (children weren’t allowed to handle it – tarantulas are too fragile you see). I did not, however, hold the scorpion she pulled out next.

About 20 times I said how I wished I had the camera (this will be a creative scrapbook page for sure).

After an hour and a half with the bugs we quickly made it through the gift shop. As we were about to leave I grabbed a brochure from the desk beside the register where you pay to go in. What was beside the register (where I had paid my money and walked in)?


Disposable cameras.



  1. ugh. bugs. I’m glad I wan’t there, if I was handed a scorpion, my instinct to scream throw it on the ground and stomp on it would of kicked in and, well, I’m sure the bug people would frown on that kind of behavior…

  2. DAG! I hate it when that happens!

    Bugs usually don’t bother me–as long as I know where they are and as long as they aren’t touching me.

  3. know the feeling well..have you read my latest blog post – where I mention blogging and cameras…that included scrapblooking…. Isnt that always the way??

  4. Gah.

  5. […] holidays. I had thought that we might go to Victoria as we have done in the past, perhaps visit the Bug Zoo again, see friends and family, go to the IMAX, etc. I had even started talking to  various people […]

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