Posted by: Kate | March 25, 2008

Messy Tuesdays

Through Shan’s blog comments I heard of Messy Tuesdays. Shan and I often commiserate with other about the difficulties of being a poor housekeeper in the world where perfectly placed flowers and neatly made beds are still the standard. Oh, and dishes washed after every meal, and coats hung up. Messy Tuesday is an acknowledgement that for many people, this ideal simply isn’t important, or isn’t attainable for some reason or other.

In my case, I am too busy with life. I am perfectly capable of looking past the piles around my house, until I realize someone is coming over. I am a good housekeeper when I set my mind to it, but more often than not, I don’t. So we live in a messy house, which I have discussed before.

I don’t know that I’ll do this every week, but here is a glimpse into my messy world.


my desk area. I keep meaning to get a table to put there. The stuff on the floor is non-work related, the pile on top of the printer is work (mostly). This is mild as I only moved to this desk a couple of months ago.


living room couch. This is next to my desk. Magazines, sleeping bag that my son was playing with last week, a scarf that had been outside for weeks, phone, loose papers, general stuff. Typical really.


across from the couch, one of the chairs in the living room. The paper is from last week. The books are mostly what we remove from my son’s bed at 10:30 when he is reading in the dark, the big one is mine on the arm where I left it yesterday when I was distracted by the phone. The bookshelf in its usual state of disrepair, and the lego tub with various bags and other items on top. The white plastic bag beside the chair has two oversized school projects in it (from a few weeks ago). And I just noticed in the picture the old vacuum cleaner peeking out – it’s broken. Haven’t used that one in two months. Guess it should get thrown out or at least move into the garage (my personal nemesis).

So there you go. A peek into my messy life. It is how I operate, I am at my best in general chaos, and feel lost in a pristine room. Although I do have a saturation point …. this isn’t it.



  1. Looks a lot like my house. Seriously.

  2. That last sentence is AWESOME.

    And it turns out you were right – it doesn’t look bad to me at all. I guess this goes hand in hand with the oft-noted truth that it’s easier to clean up someone else’s house than it is to clean up your own. No investment, no guilt feelings, no paralysing helplessness.

  3. Ha! Wait till you see mine NEXT week.

    I’m a little late to this party…..traffic.

  4. I’ve just spent the morning cleaning and trying to clear a whole room which look s a bit like yours. I love minimalism so to me my room is too cluttered. At the same time I cant do art in a tidy area! Love your photos and even though its a bit untidy its v homely!

  5. I stopped apologizing for my house being a “mess” a long time ago. “I am who I am and this is how I live” is my moto.

    I’m amazed that when we speak openly and honestly about not only the good, but the bad and the ugly, we find ourselves in good company!

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