Posted by: Kate | March 24, 2008

Mysterious Disappearance

Gardening always brings a little mystery and intrigue into my life. Volunteer plants arrive, sometimes I have no idea from where, and bloom in the middle of my vegetable garden. I discover that my compost isn’t getting warm enough when I have tomatoes and oregano plants threatening to take over my garden. Things that are supposed to be hardy keep dying, and things that are supposed to be delicate and difficult to propagate flourish and reseed prolifically. I am used to these things in a garden.

But the last two years there has been a big mystery, one which I may never solve. When I moved into this house and began the garden four years ago, I planted about 60 daffodil bulbs. The first year or so they were gorgeous, a variety of colours, heights and flower-types. Beautiful spring beacons, welcoming the longer days. The mystery? They have disappeared. Last year and again this year – no daffodils. All my other bulbs have happily emerged, triumphant and glorious in their spring fashion show. But not my daffodils. There have been a few shows of greenery, but hardly any.

Last year I chalked it up to heavy snowfall in March. This year I have to face it – my garden has become the Bermuda Triangle for daffodils.

OK, more likely a grub got them (there is no soil disturbance so they weren’t dug up). But still, all three gardens (side of house, back yard and front yard)?! And even my planter, come to think of it. Nope, mysterious disappearance I’m pinning this on.

Now the question …. should I plant more daffodils this fall?!



  1. Very interesting! Most, but not quite all, of my daffodils have dissapeared as well! I wondered if they may have rotted from all the rain and sogginess.. The plot thickens.

  2. How I wish I could complain about my daffodils not coming up! That would mean that the snow had all melted and warmer days had arrived. Alas, my daffodils are still buried in snow. And, the additional daffodils I purchased to plant last fall, are still in the refrigerator!! The snows and frozen ground started early this winter, and I never got to plant them. I will do so as soon as the ground thaws enough to get a spade into it. Good luck finding the right kind of daffodils for your soil and zone. thanks for your comment on my blog!

  3. I’d plant a control group. You know, plant them and mark them and if they don’t come up, dig them up and check it out.

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