Posted by: Kate | March 21, 2008

Scrapbook Pages

Because both Kate and Olga asked for them ….

fall.jpg garden.jpg

beach-page.jpg snow-page.jpg


The first three sets are from the classes I’ve been taking. The snow page is my own, and the Chika page was one where the teacher provided the snowflake and we did the page ourselves. I don’t usually do two page spreads, most of my daily pages are only one page (like the last one). I didn’t put any of my camping pages up because there is a lot of personal information on them, which I’m not quite willing to share here.

As always, the digital camera is not the best, so you get what you get. I have a very good SLR camera that I still love and use a lot. The digital does take good pictures, just not great detail close-ups like these.

Have a wonderful Easter, everyone.



  1. Thanks so much for sharing these Kate…they’re lovely. My oldest daughter has recently decided to go back to paper scrapping from digital, as she feels that the ‘hands on’ thing is much more satisfying and calming. It’s such a great thing to do for your family…your son will really appreciate that you’ve done this when he gets older. So much better than a shoe box full of photo’s! (which is what my kids had (and still do for the most part!)

  2. Thanks Kate. I get a lot of personal satisfaction from scrapbooking. I journal on all the pages, which for me is the most important part, telling the stories of the photos. (I cropped out the journaling on the beach page – it runs along the far side).

    I love looking at digital scrapping online, but like your daughter I love the tactile feel of paper scrapping. I use my computer a lot though — I love (and collect) fonts!!

  3. I like the partial snowflake at the bottom of the last photo.

  4. I like the bottom page too, all the elements work so well together. I like the college (sp?) look. If I did scrapbooking, I’d do a style like that. Thanks for caving to our demands..;o)

  5. I have bought so many new scrapbooking supplies and just cant seem to get started..I have scrapbookers block I think…lol! Yours are lovely and have inspired me to go take mine out and get started!!!

  6. I’m not a scrapbooker, but do make a special effort to keep up-to-date photo albums for my daughter. I’m always sure to write the first and last name of as many people in the photo as I can, as well as the date and a note about what is going on either in the photograph or at the time the photo was taken. Your pages are beautiful and fun. Certainly more interesting to look at than what I “create.”
    Thank you for sharing!

  7. Hi Kate, so cool to hear that you scrapbook as well, your pages look great! Where do you take your classes? I go to both She Runs with scissors and Barb who does Stampin up out of her home.

    Still hoping to join you and Shannon for Knit Night sometime.

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