Posted by: Kate | March 20, 2008

Theme Thursday – Miniature Art

Here is my take on these week’s challenge at Theme Thursday, which was miniature art pieces. I made Moo Cards, about half the size of a business card. I have spring and flowers on the brain I think!


My camera is not very good, and I didn’t want to lay these on the scanner, so this is the best I can do.

Tomorrow – I have scrapbook pages to share.



  1. they turned out nice!

  2. Very nice, today was my 1st moo too, won’t be my last.

  3. Wow they are so fabulous. Lovely work.

  4. beautiful!!!

  5. it’s so nice, so colored, very beautiful

  6. These are beautiful – they make me think of spring

  7. Wonderful, love the soft colours.

  8. those are really nice, but what is a moo card? Is it like a book mark?

  9. Thanks for all the encouraging comments!

    A moo is just … small art. I will use mine as scrapbook page embellishments, most likely.

  10. Very nice, Kate. They are so beautiful, it seems a shame to keep them away in a book. I think it would be lovely if you framed them together and hung it on a wall.

  11. Lovely Springtime Moos!!!

  12. Very pretty, and great format!

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