Posted by: Kate | March 19, 2008

Art and Inspiration

As much as I am a word person, I find most of my artistic inspiration comes from visual stimuli. Whether it is nature outside my door, or other people’s art, I need to see something to feel inspired to create art.

Recently I have taken some scrapbooking lessons from a woman who has come to a friend’s house to teach. There is a small group every time, about six people around a large table. Now usually I don’t consider scrapbook lessons inspiring. They may teach me a technique, but in the past they haven’t helped me to expand my artistic sensibilities. But this woman is an incredible teacher! Her sense of colour and style and her use of materials is totally inspiring me. What is better is that she has understood my desire to play with art, and has suggested books and other tools to help me in my quest.

I’m so glad I was open to these courses, as usually I don’t do the scrapbook courses (too rigid). Inspiration truly comes from all places.



  1. That’s great that you’re enjoying your scrapbooking classes and even better that you found someone who is willing to work outside the box. I’d love to see some of your pages!

  2. Hello, Kate! Found you quite accidentally on Ravelry, and it’s wonderful to connect with another Islander who’s a knitter, writer and mother… and who knows what other common ground I’ll discover after I read some more of your blog archives. :-)

  3. I agree, you ought to post some of your pages.

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